First Time Guests

To be our guest, all you need to do is join us for worship, Sunday school, or any of our fellowship and learning activities.

Click on the tabs below to find out what to expect from our welcoming ministry!

Our nursery is the best! For little ones 3 years and younger, we’ve hired and trained the best around. Our nursery staff is 100%:

  • First Aid Certified
  • CPR Certified
  • AED Certified
  • Infant CPR Certified
  • Infant AED Certified
When you arrive at Mayfield First, there will be smiling faces in the welcome area. Someone will greet you and welcome you.

The coffee will be hot and fresh.

Our building was designed in 1919, so we understand that there may be issues with accessibility for some folks. However, we do have ramps and an elevator. If you have any difficulty getting around our building, one of our greeters will be offering you some assistance. The help we offer is completely optional and the choice is up to you.

The dress is casual, but not too casual. Plenty of people wear jeans, but we have some men who like wearing a tie and some women who prefer to wear a dress. A suit is not required for gentlemen by any means.

The atmosphere is informal but reverent.

The music is live and has a traditional flavor, though we do sing some of the contemporary songs from time to time.

You aren’t required to donate during the offering. If you are visiting, you’ll be reminded that you may very well have a tithe covenant with your church back home. We encourage you to honor that covenant and take that with you to offer at a later time at home.

You aren’t required to sing, though we certainly encourage you to give it your best effort.

As a congregation, we read the scripture aloud from the screen. We use The Message for most worship services since it is easy to understand.

The pastor may or may not wear a robe.

We celebrate Communion, or The Lord’s Supper as it is sometimes known on the first Sunday of every month. All are invited to the table. The pastor often wears a robe for this service, but not always.

You are welcomed to join us for communion. Membership is NOT required for you to participate, nor are you required to participate if you wish not to do so for whatever reason.

We don’t make our guests stand or introduce themselves. We understand that you most likely with to observe and check things out. We’ll honor that, but we’ll make plenty of opportunities for you to meet new friends as you do so.

You won’t be hammered to come back, though you will be invited. You’ll get a card, a call, and a gift (just to say thanks for being our guest) from one or more of our members on your first visit.

On your second visit, you’ll get a very short note from the pastor, usually just to say hello and thanks for coming back.

After a few visits, we’ll probably ask you if we can answer any questions. That can be done by phone, email, or with a personal visit from the pastor or one of the folks who have offered to give their time to that.