Hello Family, and Happy New Year!!!!

Yeah, a bit late I know. However, here in Kenya no matter how far into the year we are, the first time you greet someone after Jan 1, you always tell him or her “Happy New Year”, and sadly, it has been too long since we have greeted you!

2017 ended with quite a roar of busyness at MpM. In the last 60 days of the year, we had five rescues as we rapidly filled the baby beds that were vacated by the four little ones that were either returned to biological family, or adopted.

A great team blessed us from our home church, Tabor Baptist in Muncie IN. As they ushered in the new year with us they also were a great help as they loved on babies and helped us build two playsets that all of our littles are enjoying greatly. They also were a great encouragement to us as they served in a multitude of ways.

January did not bring a slow down as we returned one little one to his biological family, as well as sending Reuben home with his Forever Family. It was a great way to start off the new year as God allowed us the honor of watching yet another family being grown, and blessed through adoption. Indications are that we will have several more adoptions over the next few weeks as well.

The incoming babies also kept up the pace as we rescued four during January. Anah’s mother is a commercial sex worker, and had planned to kill the baby as soon as she was born. Through a series of what can only be considered God directed intervention, a local chief learned of her intent and convinced her to go to a local clinic to give birth. We were called to come and collect the little angel, and my heart broke as they had the mother hand her over to me. She showed no remorse or emotion in giving up her newborn. We struggle to understand how a mom can be so distant from her infant. However, we are grateful that she chose life for her daughter.

Benjamin and Joshua were born shortly before their mother decided to disappear. She left the twin boys with a grandmother who was destitute herself and could not afford even the most basic items the twins needed. When she finally took them to the local police, they were in very poor condition. She had only cow’s milk and porridge to feed them. At 10 weeks of age, they both weighed around six pounds and were severely malnourished. As Dave picked them up on a rainy night, they were very dirty and hungry.

On Christmas day, a baby boy was born, and promptly dropped into a pit latrine. Thankfully, someone passing by heard his cries and rescued him. He was taken to a local government hospital where they cared for him for two weeks. Once they felt he was healthy enough to be released and had gained some weight, (up to six pounds) he was released to a children’s home near the hospital. Sadly the home was unable to provide the needed care. In mid-January, Caleb was returned to the hospital, having lost 40% of his body weight, and looking more like a skeleton than a baby. At this point, he was in critical condition, most likely suffering from internal infection as well as severe malnourishment. The Children’s Officer contacted us after the hospital contacted them in regards to the infant’s position. When we first saw him at the hospital, it was heartbreaking to see this beautiful little one that you could see every bone. The hospital was having trouble getting him to eat and gain any of his weight back, so Jen started going to the hospital daily and caring for him. By taking some of our supply of special nipples and bottles, she was able to get him to increase his formula intake and enabled him to start the long road to recovery.

On Feb 2nd Caleb came home to MpM weighing just under 4.5 pounds. He continues to gain weight but is so weak it is a slow process. He is in desperate need to many prayers, as he is loved back to health.

The prayer needs are many for the babies at MpM, and the ministry overall. The Kenyan government is continuing to show itself as less than friendly to the needs of its abandoned and vulnerable children. We continue to pray for International Adoption to open back up, but it does not look promising. Our special needs babies are unlikely to be adopted by Kenyan families. But we keep trusting God to open the doors that need to be opened for these extra special little ones, like Tobias (Toby) our little one with Downs Syndrome. He is such as blessing to all who know him. We are grateful to share that he is doing great and is growing stronger every day. But he is ready for his own loving family to care for him.

Or Shadrach (Shaddy) who suffers from many severe allergies. While we are praying for the family God has chosen for him, we also pray for compete healing of his little body. Also for wisdom on our part as we continue testing and trying different food combinations to find the ones that do not cause a reaction. For all of our infants we ask for prayers that the God selected family will come along sooner than later. We have no doubt that each one already has a family for themselves. It is only for them to accept the blessing of adoption as God impresses it on their hearts.

Some updates from our precious newsletter:

Mary Rose has greatly improved. After spending a couple of months in the Bell household so she could get very focused care, she has gained weight, and is much healthier. She has now been transferred to the rescue center with the other babies, and while she still is not sure why she does not get to come home with Ethan and Selah, she is doing great!

Noah came through his surgery great! He has almost recovered all the way from the lingering effects his restricted airways had on his internal organs. We had an appointment last week with the Cardiologist and while he is not completely healed, he is well on his way. Noah’s grandmother contacted the Children’s Officer after learning of his abandonment. Once he is released by the Cardiologist we will work with the grandmother with the goal of him being to go home with his own family.

In closing, we continue to ask for prayer for our family and staff. The day to day hurdles of this ministry can sometimes get a bit tiring. We pray that we never lose sight of why we are here, and Who it is we are serving.

May God continue to guide us all as we seek His favor.

The Bells

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